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How Video Chat Works

The most commonly asked questions that are asked are covered briefly. If you have any further questions ask the girls, or our fabulous admin VixxxenLustyLeanne, they should be able to help you.


1. The list to the right shows who is currently in the chatroom, both vixxxens and visitors.

2. To see a photo of each of the ladies that you are speaking to, mouse over their username in the list to the right of the chat window.

3. If the performer has a webcam symbol next to her name that means that her camera is on and you can request her permission to view her cam as long as she is NOT in a show.

4. If there is a symbol that looks like 2 polaroid photos next to her name that means that the model has recorded videos for the gallery and you can watch them simply by clicking on the icon.

5. To initiate a private chat with your vixxxen simply click on her username menu to the right. To view her webcam you pull up the private chat window, click webcam and then view.

6. Once you have selected your vixxxen and are ready for a show go to the homepage where all of the model profiles are located. Locate her profile and click on her photo. There is a button to buy a show located at the bottom of her profile. Or just ask the performer for her profile link.

7. After you have paid for your show return to the chat room and let her know that your payment has been completed. She will then open a private chat window for you and your show can begin. Enjoy.

8. To enlarge the viewing window for your show click the lower right corner of the window and drag it until it is open to the size that you want.

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